Situated next to the River Tweed, nestled in the beautiful Border hills, Kailzie Fishery provides the perfect environment for the angler.

The size of the fishery is 2 acres, the average depth is 12 feet and it's burn fed.The fishery is stocked at regular intervals to maintain a good head of trout at all times. The fish consist of top quality Rainbow & Blue trout starting at 2lb and going up to double figures. The currant overall record since 2007 stands at 18lb Rainbow Trout landed in 2015 by Alan McIver.

We also have a Bait Pond with an average depth of 8ft and is burn fed, The pond is stocked regular to maintain a good head of trout at all times, The pond is filled with Rainbow Trout under 2lb in size as there is no catch & Release on this pond. All fish caught have to kept and weighed in the shop,

Kailzie Fishery caters for all types of anglers from beginners to experts, The preferred flies for the winter months are Orange Fritz, Viva, Cats Whiskers, and Ace of Spades, During the spring the fish will be attracted to Tadpoles And Damsels, In the summer Buzzers, and Daddies, 

For those requiring special assistance there are car spaces next to the fishing hut and we are always on hand and ready to help, We have also introduced a platform for wheelchair users at the side of the fly pond.